Kevin Smith is running for the US Senate to bring a fresh perspective to Washington. For the last 9 years, Kevin has served as the town manager of Londonderry, one of the state’s largest and most successful communities. Under his leadership, the town led New Hampshire in economic development and the value of the town’s tax base grew by $2.2 billion as a result. Kevin returned $11 million to the taxpayers in budget surpluses, and when he left office, the town’s municipal tax rate was the lowest on record. He has also served as Chairman of the Pease Development Authority for the past 4 years until January 2022, a 3,000-acre world-class office and industrial park which is home to more than 245 companies employing more than 10,000 people. In these roles, he has overseen the largest economic drivers in New Hampshire: The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the Portsmouth International Airport, and the Ports and Harbors. 


Kevin believes the most important decisions in America today are being made at the kitchen table, not the halls of power in Washington or Concord. He’ll bring Washington back down to size. That means requiring the federal government to lower spending and balance the budget, secure the border, term limits for Members of Congress, putting parents back in control of their kids’ educations, and creating an economy that allows families to thrive, not suffer under record-high inflation.

...with local, new hampshire values

Previously, Kevin was Executive Director of the top conservative grassroots advocacy organization in New Hampshire where he held politicians accountable and raised $1 million to flip the State House and Senate in 2010. He previously served as a senior aide to Governor Craig Benson as well as US Senator Bob Smith, and was elected as a State Representative from 1997-1998 when he was named the “Pro-Family Legislator of the Year”. Kevin is a leader in economic development, recognized for transforming Londonderry and serving as Chairman of the Pease Development Authority. For his efforts, Kevin is seen by national and local media as being one of the most influential conservatives in the Granite State and was named by Business NH Magazine as one of New Hampshire’s “10 Most Powerful People.”